Our Founder

Quaneka Edmonds

In 2001, Quaneka was 14 years old and just entering high school, when she lost her mother who was only 35 years of age. Quaneka’s father became overwhelmed with grief and no longer had the capacity to support Quaneka emotionally throughout her high school career. However, she had encountered many teachers and community leaders who stepped in the gap and ensured she received everything necessary to flourish throughout her high school career.

With the help of these volunteers she was able to stay on track, continue playing sports, keep her grades up, and attend the four-year university of her choice. Without the push from those adults, she believes her outcome post-graduation, would have been much different. Quaneka has taken her experiences and created a program to funnel the same love, mentorship and resources into the lives of teenagers who must face the hardest of deaths to create the brightest of futures.

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