Grief Rallies

About Grief Rallies

Connecting the Gap recognizes that we all experience grief differently. Grief Rallies are designed to bring awareness to the presence and power of grief by equipping youth with the tools to understand the signs of grief, embolden them with resources to unpack their grief at a foundational level, and the advocacy tools needed to ensure that no one suffers in silence. Grief Rallies are conducted at local schools to foster a light-hearted, enriching, and well-balanced learning experience that provides students with a safe conversational space to engage with a therapist, ask questions, and build communities of support via the art of storytelling and connectedness. Grief Rallies include an impactful 90 minutes with a D.J., therapist, and grief survivors. Grief Rallies provide youth with the tools to recognize grief if they should ever need it. Grief Rallies (For inquiries please email us at

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