Making Connections One Family at a Time
The Matangila Philomene Family

In 2017 Matangila Philomene family moved to Charlotte, NC from the Congo. In 2019, they expanded their family with the arrival of twin girls. As the world battled a Pandemic, in 2021 Matangila Philomene family was faced with their own reality. Dorcas’ husband Nkomolo Muniongo contracted Covid -19 and passed away. He left behind his wife, a ten year old girl, eight year old boy, and two year old twin girls. Dorcas was referred by her church to Connecting the Gap. We have provided the family with financial support for housing, furniture, and camp. Dorcas has recently started therapy for herself through our G.I.F.T Program and is navigating her way through life while grieving with the support of CTG.

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